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Flat-top flush mounted boat cleats, built to last a lifetime.


Simple to Install

With tamplates and specific, simple directions you'll be ready to go in no time.

All Conditions

Simple Construction

With only one moving part, there is no need to worry.

In 1991, we were the first to develop a flush mounted boat cleat.

Made of high grade polished 316 stainless steel and are, very simply, the world's finest cleats. Flat-Tops are by far much stronger than conventional and other flush mounted cleats. Flat-Top cleats are designed to last a lifetime.

Sailboats, Yachts, Skiffs and Powerboats
Swim Platforms, Docks, Lifting and Tie Downs
Concrete Patios and Seawalls

Personalized and Friendly Customer Serivce

For almost 30 years, we have been supplying boaters from around the world with a quality product.

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A distinctive elegant appeal that enhances any craft. Required mounting depth is shallow relative to other flush mounted cleats. Does not allow water to penetrate the craft.

Rugged Strength

Strongest on the market, laboratory tested, stronger than any available lines or fasteners. Compare the mass/weight to other cleats on the market.

Simple Design

Solid stainless steel design with only one moving part. No springs, cups, drain tubes, or buttons to wear or break down.